Analysis Of The Utilization Of Lighting In The Godfather

This essay will be about the lighting used in The Godfather’s first scene. The entire film, The Godfather, is designed and used to create mental states. The absolute first set of shots is the most important. These shots will provide the film’s overall mood and a pace.

The lighting strategy in shot one is very emotional. The detail is immediately attracted to the viewer. The details of an awful event that occurred to his little girl are revealed by a man. You cannot see his face. Although a spotlight shines legitimately above the man, most of his lighting is focused on the man. The light shines from above his head. The lighting creates darkness under his eyes, which emphasizes the anger and the ridicule of the subject. This scene has the man as the focus. The background will not be lit enough to make it difficult for him to see. Even though this scene isn’t coherently true, it draws heavily on our creativity and desire to impart a message. As viewers, we acknowledge that some elements are not real in the hope that they make the story more compelling. The goal is that the man’s dark eyes are prominently visible. This light is shown in the image below. The area of contrast in his eye is the best. This is why the crowd naturally becomes hypnotized to the man’s gaze. The camera gradually moves in the opposite direction to the man’s speech, and all of the background becomes visible. Now we can see a portion of Marlon Brando’s Godfather’s back, side, and neck. But, below is an over-the-shoulder shot of Brando. Now, the man is standing up and is walking around the table. This makes it appear that there are actually two characters in the scene. As the man leaves the Godfather, the shot becomes different. This is a medium-close-up shot, as can be seen below. This MCU shows the Godfather’s side in brighter contrast to the previous one. This shot is brighter than the previous shot showing the side of the Godfather.

The Godfather’s lighting system is a fill and key with back light. His character is highlighted with force because of the emotional change in each shot. The background is again completely dark when the shot is returned to the man. Brando lighting the man’s face in the right lighting is a great way to fulfill two mental needs. The man’s concern is segregated by the dark background. We are also reminded of how consumed he has become with it. He is lost in the darkness. His girl is a brilliant ‘light’, but he has been unable to see it because he has been so injured. He has had to endure, and his psyche doesn’t have any encompassing subtleties. It is the same way that we don’t have any encompassing subtleties in order to distract ourselves from our difficulties. Brando’s life will appear fuller and different when there is more light. Brando shines a light upon us, and it illuminates Brando’s surroundings. This gives us the impression there are other things in the world, beyond just his issues. Brando is surrounded by light. Unknowingly or inadvertently, we are curious about what’s outside. These two distinctive images of light versus dark are used to embellish any state beyond reality. The Godfather appears calm, collected, and proficient. The man seems urgent, confused, and hopeless. This is what happens when we use lighting in a way that bores our brains. If the light was uneven, we wouldn’t get the kind of cognizant or oblivious response that really sets up the characters in the psyches. We might be confused about the characters’ circumstances since we are not used to seeing them together.

The lighting choices made for the film are very clear and easy to understand. It is evident that the lighting in the film is extravagant and rich in shading and darkness. This gives the room a certain quality. Lighting is used in the scene to reflect the beauty and tastefulness we see. It is impossible to imagine how I could change the lighting of this scene’s opening scene. I have no doubt it was done with care and precision. The lighting caused me respond in the same way I expected the audience to. And that is what is most important. The Godfather shows how creative lighting can be used to create a compelling account story.


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