Parallels To Today In 1984 By George Orwell

O’Brien stated in 1984 that “ours is built upon hatred.” O’Brien stated that there would be no emotions in this world except for fear and rage. This is because the world we live in today is based upon hate and deception. Hate and deception can make a society survive.

A society built on hatred or deception can survive. But, it is possible for such a society to thrive. You can think of organizations like the (KKK), Nazi Party of Germany or Al-Qaeda. All of these are examples of organizations or people who believe in hate and deception.

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization’s 9/11 attacks on the US are well-known. They hate the US due to America’s support of Israel and it’s participation in the Persian Gulf War. They used mass persecution to bring down any non-white Christian to power. Adolf Hitler was so influential in Germany that many were brainwashed into believing what he wanted. It was based upon a hatred of Jews. A handful of confederate farmers formed the KKK in protest against the progressive laws in America that denied African Americans more freedoms. Their society is built on hatred for African Americans and dark skinned people. North Korea is a prime example of modern hate society. North Korea is the world’s most isolated communist nation. North Korean children are taught hatred towards the U.S.A and Japan. All of these reasons are why I believe that a society built on hatred and deception can survive. The Society of 1984 has no future. It seems that it might survive. Fear and rage are the side effects of hatred. Oceania’s residents live in fear. They could also be identified in the modern world as the government. Similar to the Oceania people.

These are just a few examples of parallels in today’s society. Many people and organizations have influenced our society to spread hate. Even though such things have occurred, our society is still thriving. Oceania saw a lot more hateful and deceitful acts. 1984 was a year when the thought police used censorship at its extreme. Big Brother watches everything. Net neutrality is a parallel to that. The government uses net neutrality to block us from accessing certain items online. The same applies to the thought cops, which are also blocked from thinking for themselves. The NSA can also monitor and watch people’s text messages, emails, and phone calls.

A society built on hatred can survive, as Oceania did for many years. O’Brien is right to say that hate-based societies can survive. However, he neglected to mention one condition. The community must be isolated. Germany and KKK, however, don’t have to fulfill this requirement. They aren’t Oceania. Oceania is an isolated community that meets this requirement.


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